Bright Smile: A Simple Natural Teeth Whitening Solution

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Your smile may be more important than you think; in fact, recent polls showed that 94 percent of people notice a smile before anything else. But what else can you do besides brushing your teeth? The truth is you can do a lot more to improve your smile; for one, you can try to brighten your smile with the following simple solution.  Secrets Within The Whitening Solution The secrets comes from the--somewhat unusual but effective--ingredients.

31 December 2015

Using Hormone Therapy To Delay Puberty In Transgendered Children


Everybody, male or female, has both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies. The amounts of those hormones just differ. However, for transgender children, their bodies start producing too much of the "wrong" hormone when they hit puberty -- causing them to physically develop the sex characteristics associated with their biological gender instead of their psychological gender. There is a way to stop this, however. If you're the parent of a transgendered child, this is what you should know about what is sometimes called the "

16 December 2015

Chest Pain Is A Signal From Your Heart That It Needs Help Quickly

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Any form of chest pain is an abnormal event that requires your attention. A sudden pain in your chest from exerting yourself, called angina, is a warning that something is wrong with your heart muscle. As you relax, the pain goes away. If you ignore this warning, the next pain could be a crushing heart attack indicating that your heart is failing. Here is what you need to know about the warning signs and what to do before you have serious, and possibly fatal, heart problems.

30 November 2015

Treating Hearing Loss: Current And Future Options For You

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When hearing loss affects you or someone you love, you may wonder what can possibly be done to correct or treat the issue. Many people feel that hearing loss is a process that cannot be reversed or fixed, especially if a person is deaf or suffers from hearing loss at an early age. However, their are options available through the help of audiologists and other medical professionals that are currently used and in development to help treat and correct hearing loss.

12 November 2015

Two Reasons Why You Should Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist

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If you have young children, you are likely well acquainted with taking them back and forth to the pediatrician.  However, you may not see as much significance in making sure that your children have regular visits with the pediatric dentist.  Although experts advise parents to take their offspring to the dentist when they celebrate their first birthday, it may not seem quite as important, especially if many of their teeth haven't grown in yet.

28 October 2015

Why You Should Consider Therapy And Diagnosis With A Lecher Antenna

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Whether you want a well-rounded understanding of an already determined illness or if you would like to determine the efficacy of your holistic medical regimen, there are reasons to integrate a Lecher antenna into your therapy and diagnosis. A Lecher antenna is a tool of alternative medicine that relies on reading the unique frequencies of each cellular part and organ of your body, where differences from a norm indicate an imbalance.

20 October 2015

Three Workday Changes You Can Make For Less Back Pain

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If you have back pain and your job involves plenty of sitting, it's time to make some changes. Spending too long in any one position can make your back pain worse for several reasons, but it's often possible to change your workday habits to decrease this discomfort. Seeing a chiropractor, like those at Commonwealth Chiropractic, is also useful; the chiropractor will perform an assessment to figure out the reason for your pain and perform a series of adjustments in an effort to correct the issue and eliminate your pain.

20 October 2015

How Can You Treat Your Itchy, Embarrassing Eczema?

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If you find yourself regularly dealing with the itchy, red, and scaly patches of skin that mark an eczema outbreak, you're not alone -- in fact, so many individuals suffer from this condition that October has been dubbed Eczema Awareness Month. However, being among company may not help ease your itchiness or embarrassment about your skin's appearance. Fortunately, there are now a number of effective options to help you deal with the physical and emotional discomfort of severe eczema.

14 October 2015

Diagnosing And Fixing Hearing Loss

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You may find yourself, on occasion, turning the volume up on the TV or radio and asking people to speak up. If you notice a marked loss in hearing, you're not alone. Maybe people lose a portion of their hearing as they age. Or maybe you're not necessarily that old, but you've been around loud noises like race cars or concerts your entire life. Whatever the reason for your hearing loss, you might want to consider getting hearing aids.

9 October 2015

Two Tips To Help You Get Adult Braces On A Budget

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The desire for straight teeth is an admirable one for many reasons.  Not only can crooked teeth affect your self-esteem, it can even hinder your access to professional opportunities.  While braces are certainly a lifesaver for people who want a more beautiful smile, it can be hard to obtain them affordably, especially once you are over the age of 18 and your insurance company refuses to cover even a portion of the expense.

29 September 2015