Why You Should Consider Therapy And Diagnosis With A Lecher Antenna

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Whether you want a well-rounded understanding of an already determined illness or if you would like to determine the efficacy of your holistic medical regimen, there are reasons to integrate a Lecher antenna into your therapy and diagnosis. A Lecher antenna is a tool of alternative medicine that relies on reading the unique frequencies of each cellular part and organ of your body, where differences from a norm indicate an imbalance. Because each organ of your body resonates at a specific frequency, even a slight difference can indicate that you may need a more detailed medical diagnosis or therapeutic regimen.

What It Does

A Lecher antenna works by detecting the nano particles in differing frequency velocities, so it's a helpful tool that can measure differences in environmental frequencies, objects, and physiological processes. Though commonly used in holistic medicine to compliment a diagnosis of traditional medicine, it can be effective at rooting out illness from disturbances in the environment and differences in frequency norms of your body.

Your body is not only a generator of frequencies, but a natural antenna that is affected by environmental frequencies as well. Environmental frequencies from radiation, wireless networks, appliances, and Ley lines can have both acute and cumulative effects on your health. When you are exposed to higher levels of certain frequencies over others, you can end up with chronic fatigue, emotional problems, and physical illnesses that will persist until the imbalance is corrected.

Because a Lecher antenna can read not only frequencies in your body, but the frequencies of medicine you're taking as well, using one while going through therapy can help show how a particular organ is being affected by any treatment. Over the course of treatment, using Lecher readings can help you see how an organ goes from a baseline reading to one that is healthier and more functional, as well as if it's being negatively affected by any treatment. 

Where You Should Go

If you're interested in finding out more about your home, workplace, as well as physical standing, you need to go to a specialist that's been trained to use a Lecher antenna. Someone that has received extensive training in use and reading this diagnostic tool can help find a source of imbalance or disturbance that will give you the best place to start on the road to treatment. Once you've found someone trained to use a Lecher antenna that has experience in diagnosis, you may want to have them perform readings not only at their office, but at your home and work as well. Having a total understanding of your physiological frequency make-up as well as the frequencies you encounter throughout your life can help you avoid negative fields that are at the root of any imbalances.


20 October 2015

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