Three Workday Changes You Can Make For Less Back Pain

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If you have back pain and your job involves plenty of sitting, it's time to make some changes. Spending too long in any one position can make your back pain worse for several reasons, but it's often possible to change your workday habits to decrease this discomfort. Seeing a chiropractor, like those at Commonwealth Chiropractic, is also useful; the chiropractor will perform an assessment to figure out the reason for your pain and perform a series of adjustments in an effort to correct the issue and eliminate your pain. Whether you're between chiropractic appointments or are counting down the days until your initial assessment, here's how to change your workday habits.

Beware Of Your Posture

It's easy to find yourself slouching at your desk or during a long meeting, but this type of poor posture can be detrimental to the health of your back, given that it can often put pressure on your spine. Be mindful of your body's position at all times and make some simple changes to improve your posture. Slide your backside all the way back in your chair, gently hold your shoulders back and keep your neck in alignment with your spine. Adjust your chair so that your feet sit on the floor comfortably, and use the chair's lumbar support to apply some light pressure to your low back.

Keep Moving

Committing to get up from your desk and move throughout the day is another beneficial way to lessen your back pain. You don't need to let this habit disrupt your productivity either. Stand up during phone calls, walk in place while you're waiting at the printer and walk to colleagues' work stations to talk in person instead of communicating by phone or email. These simple habits work together to prevent your body from staying in one physical for position for long stretches. While there's no specific number of times you should get up throughout the day, one common approach is to try to move for two minutes every hour.

Address Your Stress

Workplace stress is the most common form of stress in people's lives. Too much stress can lead to physical issues, such as tight muscles that exacerbate back pain. Do what you can to manage your work-related stress. Often, an effective strategy is to meet with your office's HR rep to discuss the factors that are causing you trouble, such as your workload or conflicts with a colleague. You can then develop strategies together to reduce your stress and, in turn, lessen your back pain.


20 October 2015

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