Headstones Are A Precious Investment ~ Best Cleaning Practices To Keep Them Looking Excellent


Are you planning to buy a headstone? If so, you should look at your purchase as an investment. One thing that people fail to realize about headstones is that they will eventually get soiled. Dirt, grime, bird droppings, and vegetation are examples of substances that could get stuck on the surface of headstones at some point. Even if your loved one's resting place is in the cemetery that has a groundskeeper, chances are they will not be responsible for cleaning the headstone.

4 August 2016

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Significant Other


If everyday pressures and worries have built a wall in between you and your significant other, opening up to each other and spending quality time together may be the key to happiness in the future. Try some of the following suggestions to strengthen your relationship. Counseling And Journaling Ask your spouse if they would be interested in attending marriage counseling sessions with you. If they are wary at first, schedule an appointment to speak to a counselor by yourself.

22 February 2016

Using Hormone Therapy To Delay Puberty In Transgendered Children


Everybody, male or female, has both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies. The amounts of those hormones just differ. However, for transgender children, their bodies start producing too much of the "wrong" hormone when they hit puberty -- causing them to physically develop the sex characteristics associated with their biological gender instead of their psychological gender. There is a way to stop this, however. If you're the parent of a transgendered child, this is what you should know about what is sometimes called the "

16 December 2015

4 Signs Your Child May Have Color Blindness


It can be very difficult to diagnose children with color blindness; after all, they cannot express the fact that they can't see something they don't know exists! There are many types of color blindness, as well -- it isn't always as simple as not being able to see the difference between red or green. Some children cannot differentiate between similar colors, such as red and orange or green and blue, and any type of color blindness can potentially hold children back in school.

5 February 2015

Why Is Your Ankle Swelling?


If you have noticed that your ankles are swelling up, it is probably due to a medical condition. By knowing what these conditions are, you are better able to determine what could be the cause and what kind of medical attention is needed. Here are the most common reasons your ankle may be swelling up. Arthritis If you suffer from arthritis, which is inflammation of your joints, it may affect your feet and ankles.

29 January 2015

How Anxiety Disorders And Substance Dependence Effect Each Other


Approximately 20% of people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder also suffer from substance dependence. Unfortunately, recovering from a substance dependence is more difficult for people who also suffer from anxiety disorders. If you have both an anxiety disorder and substance dependence and find yourself struggling with addiction recovery, you should not feel defeated; there are very real scientific reasons why your journey to recovery might be more difficult than for others.

27 January 2015

Going Home With An Open Surgical Wound: What You Need To Know


After surgery, sometimes it's necessary to leave a surgical wound open for proper healing. This can be frightening for many people. The open wound may be small or fairly large, depending on the type of surgery you've had. There are a few things you should know about wound care at home, as well as nutrition, to promote healing.  Tissue Growth If you can get past feeling frightened of your open wound, it's actually very fascinating to watch your body work it's magic.

9 January 2015

3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Ill Infant


Having an infant in the home can be magical. However, if that child becomes ill it can be very stressful for the parents. Young babies cannot have medication for colds and pain like older children can, and do not have nearly as strong of immune systems. This is why it is dangerous for young babies to get things like the flu or even a simple cold. Here are a couple things you should do with the infant to help them be comfortable and heal faster.

9 January 2015

4 Medicine-Free Tips For Fighting Back Pain


If you suffer from chronic back pain, you probably reach for a bottle of pain pills—prescription or otherwise—more than you would like. Although medication might seem like the only way to fight your pain and make it through the day, there are other ways to find relief. If you would like to reduce the amount of medicine that you take, or if you are looking for a treatment option that you can use along with your regular medicine regimen, then try these tips.

8 January 2015

Seek Medical Treatment To Heal A Carbuncle And Prevent Complications


You've diagnosed yourself with a carbuncle after looking up your symptoms online. Do you really need to go to a medical clinic for treatment? Actually, you should. You may need antibiotics to heal this painful infection, and getting proper medical care can prevent further problems. How Did You Get a Carbuncle? You have developed a group of hair follicle infections, which are also known as boils. The cluster of boils is called a carbuncle.

7 January 2015