3 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Significant Other


If everyday pressures and worries have built a wall in between you and your significant other, opening up to each other and spending quality time together may be the key to happiness in the future. Try some of the following suggestions to strengthen your relationship.

Counseling And Journaling

Ask your spouse if they would be interested in attending marriage counseling sessions with you. If they are wary at first, schedule an appointment to speak to a counselor by yourself. Gather some insight from the counselor and journal about your feelings after you go home.

Share your innermost thoughts with your partner, but do not push them to attend sessions with you until they are ready. If they finally decide to attend, the counselor will be able to listen to both of you speak and encourage you to open up to each other. After several sessions, you may feel closer as a couple and be more optimistic about the future.

Suggestion Box

Create a suggestion box for you and your spouse to use to share concerns and special requests. Each person can write down what has been bothering them and the changes that they would like to occur on slips of paper before placing them in the box. They can also write down activities that they would like to participate in or new interests of theirs.

Tell your partner that you would like to share some of the suggestions with each other at a designated time each week and that you would prefer if it were a situation that does not not promote hostility or retaliation. Instead, each person can read what is on the slips of paper and keep an open mind while discussing what each one says. In time, you and your spouse may decide to make some changes and spend some time together while trying new things.

Recreating The Past

Think back about the first time you met your significant other and the fun times that you shared together. Mention a few of these to them and see if they would be willing to recreate the past with you. Otherwise, surprise them by planning an outing at a location that you both prefer. The nostalgic setting may remind each of you why you first decided to become a couple and may provide both of you with a pleasant memory, encouraging future dates at various spots that you both enjoy.

Patience, perseverance, an open mind, and honesty will help you and your partner grow closer together. As long as you both are willing to try hard, your relationship can be salvaged and you can share a wonderful life together. Search for therapists in your area, like Drake Counseling Services, so find a good fit for you.


22 February 2016

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