Headstones Are A Precious Investment ~ Best Cleaning Practices To Keep Them Looking Excellent


Are you planning to buy a headstone? If so, you should look at your purchase as an investment. One thing that people fail to realize about headstones is that they will eventually get soiled. Dirt, grime, bird droppings, and vegetation are examples of substances that could get stuck on the surface of headstones at some point. Even if your loved one's resting place is in the cemetery that has a groundskeeper, chances are they will not be responsible for cleaning the headstone. This means that you and other family members need to be prepared to keep the headstone looking its best. The following tips will help you keep your loved one's headstone clean and pristine.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners.

This is recommended because the chemical components of these types of cleaners may negatively impact the surface of the headstone. For example, some headstones have a finish on them, and the wrong types of cleaners could mar the finished surface.

Do not scrape or brush away substances that are stuck on the headstone.

To save time, you may feel tempted to scrape dirt away with your fingernail, or you may even want to use a scrub brush. Both of these approaches could cause irreversible damage to the headstone. You definitely should avoid using brushes and scrapers that are made from wire or metal. The best approach to removing stuck on substances is to saturate them with water and a mild soap . This will loosen up the material, and eventually you should be able to wipe it away with a wet cloth. Always rinse the headstone with fresh water to clean off any soapy residue.

Resist the urge to clean the headstone too regularly.

The headstone is a representation of where your loved one's final resting place is, and this may tempt you to want to clean the headstone frequently. Cleaning the headstone too much would cause damages to it. Washing it once a year is ideal. If you notice extreme signs of soiling such as bird droppings in between cleanings, then you could opt to do a spot cleaning on the affected surfaces.

Consider applying a protective coating.

There are protective coatings that are ideal for stone surfaces such as headstones. These can be applied to the headstone, and they can keep substances from sticking to it by forming a barrier. Protective coatings need to be applied every few months . You should always wipe away any signs of debris before applying the next protective coating. If you do not, then substances will be trapped between the previous protective coat and new protective coating.

For more information on headstones and how to keep them clean, talk to a funeral home like Maurice Moore Memorials.


4 August 2016

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