Why a Change to Your Sense of Smell May Indicate a Brain Problem

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The sense of smell is one of a person's strongest senses, so it can be alarming to have something go wrong with it. If you think you're not smelling things as well as you once did and examinations of your nose haven't revealed anything, there's a chance that the problem could involve your brain. Read on to learn how this could be your problem and what you should do to seek help.

3 March 2018

Benefits From Osteoporotic Fracture Treatments

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As you grow older, your bone density diminishes and falls below an acceptable measurement for healthy bones. So it's disheartening to learn that here in America, a large number of women who are older than 65 years of age suffer from osteoporosis. That condition puts this population at risk for a vertebral compression fracture, which is the most common complication of osteoporosis. More stunning is the news that 700,000 new vertebral compression fractures occur each year in America.

19 January 2018

Two Reasons You Should Avoid Romantic Relationships While Recovering From Addiction

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Romantic partners can be a considerable source of support and comfort to those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addictions. Although loneliness is a common trigger for relapse, if you don't already have a significant other, it's advisable you avoid starting a romantic relationship while you are in recovery. Here are two reasons why: Relationships are Stressful You can have the most loving and supportive partner in the world and still experience a lot of stress because of the relationship.

30 November 2017

Strategies That Can Help To Reduce Your Risk Of Ejaculating Prematurely

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Few things can cause issues in a sexual encounter faster than premature ejaculation. Even though this is a common issue for many men, someone who experiences premature ejaculation may feel highly embarrassed. While it's ideal if both partners can understand that this issue can occur from time to time and doesn't need to be a big deal, you should be open to some strategies that you can use to reduce the chances of this problem.

9 November 2017

Tips For Getting The Most From Physical Examinations

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Monitoring your health and well-being is essential for avoiding potentially serious health problems or injuries. To this end, physical examinations can be essential procedures to undergo. However, there are many people that might not be aware of the various tips that can help them to get the most out of their physical examination. Have A Yearly Physical Performed One of the key benefits of undergoing physicals is that they will allow your doctor to notice many potential problems before they are able to worsen and spread.

4 October 2017

Tips To Help You Heal After Orthopedic Surgery

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After you have undergone orthopedic surgery to repair an injury, you likely want to heal and recover from surgery as soon as possible so you can resume your normal activities. Here are some tips to help you boost your healing and help your body's recovery after surgery. Eat Healthy After surgery you may not be as hungry as you normally would be, but eating during this time is important for your body to heal and recover.

4 October 2017

Financial Benefits Of Losing Weight

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When many people think about losing weight, they think about the health benefits of this change. And, indeed, there are many. However, one of the added bonuses of losing weight is that there's a financial component to doing so. Although you're unlikely to attempt to lose weight simply to save money, you'll surely appreciate that your healthier lifestyle is also leaving you with more money in your pocket. Here are several financial benefits of losing weight:

15 September 2017

2 Reasons To See An Allergy Doctor

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Allergies can often be a nightmare for many individuals, mostly because they can greatly affect your quality of life by leaving you in situations where it can be hard to focus and even cause you to feel ill all the time. Listed below are two reasons to see an allergy doctor to help you with your particular allergies. Can Provide Options To Mitigate Your Allergic Reactions One of the biggest reasons to see an allergy doctor is the fact that they can provide you with many options that can help you mitigate your allergic reactions.

18 August 2017

3 Reasons To Install A Stairlift In Your Home

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Some people assume that stairlifts are expensive, and some just don't realize just how common they are. However, for many people who have mobility issues, installing a stairlift can be a good idea. These are a few reasons why it might be something that you'll want to think about doing: 1. Avoid Having to Remodel Your Home Many people find that as they begin to have mobility issues, they have to make major changes to their homes.

29 July 2017

How To Make Sure You'Re Getting The Nutrients You May Be Missing

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A healthy diet that contains the right portion of vitamins and minerals is important. However, it has been reported by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that many adults in America are not getting enough of some of the nutrients that their bodies need. Some of these nutrients include calcium, magnesium, potassium, as well as the vitamins A, C and E. All of these nutrients are important to the body, so how can you make sure that you get more of them?

17 July 2017