How Aquatic Therapy Improves Healing And Wellness

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If you have trouble getting exercise because of pain or poor range of motion, it's time to consider the various benefits of water exercise. You can work with a physical therapist in the water, or take an exercise class in a local pool with an instructor who is teaching aquatic exercise to improve healing and your overall wellness. If you have joint pain, or trouble exercising because of balance issues, aqua therapy makes it possible to fully move your body without concern for falling. You'll be able to move your body, increase your heart rate, and get the exercise you need without causing further harm to your joints.

Protect Your Joints and Bones 

When you perform aquatic exercises instead of exercising on hard ground, you are going to put less stress on your bones and joints. This is an excellent way for you to build up your strength and stamina, without hurting your joints in the process. If you have arthritis, or you have recently injured a joint, aqua therapy allows you to continue exercising without fear that you are going to damage your joints. Get the exercise you need, while reducing pain in your joints at the same time.

Increase Aerobic Capacity

If you have been trying to strengthen your heart, a solid workout that improves aerobic capacity is the best way to do this. Aqua therapy makes it possible to exercise vigorously, without adding strain to your joints. While some people go running or walk on a treadmill to increase aerobic capacity, this is not always possible for those who are injured or unstable on their feet. 

Decrease Swelling Throughout the Body

Good blood flow helps to decrease inflammation and swelling throughout the body. When you go to aquatic therapy, your body gets moving. Your circulation is going to improve, and you will see a difference in any areas of your body that are prone to swelling. 

Keep Your Joints Flexible

Joint flexibility is essential for good health throughout your lifetime. Aqua therapy improves the function of your joints, without causing further damage. You will strengthen your body, and optimize the function of your joints while in the water.

Aquatic therapy is an excellent way to get the exercise you want, without causing pain throughout your body. If you are concerned about your balance, or you are not able to exercise due to joint pain, it's time to give aqua therapy a try.

Contact a local aquatic therapy service to learn more. 


26 June 2023

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