Common Causes Of Vaginal Itching And What Your Gynecologist Can Do

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Vaginal and vulva itchiness can really make it hard to go about your day, let alone enjoy yourself. It can be tempting to ignore this problem and hope it goes away on its own since it can be a little embarrassing. However, the common causes of vaginal itching are almost always easy for a gynecologist to treat. This is exactly why these doctors exist; to help you with issues like this. Here's a look at some of the common causes of vaginal itching and what a gynecologist can do about them.

Yeast Infections

It's healthy to have a certain amount of yeast in your vagina. Usually, the healthy bacteria in your vagina keep the yeast in check. However, if these bacteria are compromised — sometimes due to antibiotics, using certain soaps, or nutritional deficiencies — the yeast can start overgrowing, leading to a yeast infection. Usually, a yeast infection causes thick, white discharge in addition to itching. A gynecologist can diagnose a yeast infection by taking a swab of your vaginal secretions. If you do have a yeast infection, your doctor may recommend a topical antifungal cream or an oral antifungal pill. This should clear up the itching within a few days, although you may need to take the medication for a bit longer than that.


Sometimes vaginal itchiness is just caused by a lack of lubrication. There are several possible reasons why you may not be producing enough lubrication. Perhaps you are entering menopause, and this has caused your estrogen levels to drop, leading to a lack of secretions. Or maybe you're taking a birth control pill that has dryness as a side effect. Your gynecologist can help you figure out what's causing your dryness and itchiness and recommend a treatment, whether that's switching birth control, taking estrogen supplements, or applying an estrogen cream.


As scary as it might sound, vaginal itching can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases. For example, chlamydia can cause itchiness as a symptom. The good news is that most STDs of this sort are easy to diagnose with a swab, and also easy to treat with antibiotics. Your OBGYN may also ask you about your sexual history; this is just to get an accurate idea of what may be causing your itchiness.

Gynecologists can do a lot for vaginal itchiness, so don't hesitate to contact yours if you are currently struggling.   


27 July 2022

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