Uses For Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

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A hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, also called simply a hyperbaric chamber, is a chamber a person lies in. Inside the chamber, the air pressure will get increased. The air pressure will end up higher inside the chamber than outside it. There are many health benefits to using a hyperbaric chamber as a part of your treatment plan for any number of conditions, injuries, or illnesses. You can read this guide on hyperbaric chamber uses in order to learn more. Once you read it, you may find that this form of treatment may be great for something that you are struggling with. Here's more on the uses of hyperbaric chambers: 

The most commonly known usage for a hyperbaric chamber

While there are many people who use hyperbaric chambers for what ails them, there are still people who will automatically think of scuba divers when they hear the words, 'hyperbaric chamber.' This is due to the fact that hyperbaric chamber therapy is the course of action taken when a scuba diver ascends too quickly. When they do ascend too quickly, they breathe compressed air that has nitrogen. The nitrogen gas will go into their body tissue when they are at a higher pressure from benign underwater. There is a name for this, and it is decompression sickness, but it's commonly known as "the bends". A diver will be put in a hyperbaric chamber when the bends is suspected. They will breathe pressurized oxygen in there that will help remove the nitrogen and help them to get better quickly, also preventing any other health problems due to their fast ascension. 

Some other uses for hyperbaric chambers

Since the hyperbaric chamber can help to provide your body with an adequate supply of oxygen, it can be helpful for many health-related issues. 

Injuries - Since the hyperbaric chamber exposes your body to 100% oxygen at a higher pressure, your wounds can end up healing much faster. Some of the wounds that people are often put in hyperbaric chambers for include abscesses and infections, burns, skin grafts, and diabetes-related sores. 

Conditions - Some kinds of health conditions that the hyperbaric chamber can help with include conditions like anemia, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation, carbon monoxide poisoning, sudden onset hearing loss, sudden onset vision loss, gangrene, cellulitis, skin necrosis, and traumatic brain injury. 

Illnesses - There are also some illnesses that a hyperbaric chamber can help with. In some cases, the chamber can offer a treatment where there are few treatment options available. For example, if Lyme disease isn't caught early enough for antibiotics to be successful, then a person can have a hard time getting help with their condition. Luckily, hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy has been shown to really help those suffering from Lyme. Sometimes, patients can even see all of their symptoms disappear due to this therapy. A couple of other illnesses this therapy is sometimes used for include the flu and COVID. Contact a company like Next Level Oxygen for more information.


25 March 2022

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