Why Males Should See A Urologist

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For many males, the idea of seeing a urologist never crosses their minds. It's normal to want to ignore stressful things like seeing a doctor, but that does not mean it's a good thing.

Urologists can provide diagnosis and treatment of many serious health concerns. These are some of the reasons why males should consider visiting the urologist.

Sexual Dysfunction

One of the biggest reasons why males visit the urologist is to discuss sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is among the most common issues people want answers about. When you are not able to engage in sexual intercourse, it can reduce the quality of your life significantly. Urologists can often help with this issue as well as with the problem of a significantly decreased sex drive.


Cancer is also a significant issue urologists deal with. They can diagnose a variety of cancers related to the urinary system, including the prostate and kidney. With prostate cancer being one of the leading cancers in the United States, early diagnosis is critical for getting the necessary treatment.


One of the most embarrassing problems people deal with involves the involuntary leaking of urine. Many men experience incontinence, but a doctor can help with this. Bladder issues can be treated by a urologist, including frequent leakage.

Painful Urination

Anytime you notice any sort of pain or difficulty while urinating, it is important that you bring your symptoms to a urologist. The same applies if you notice that you have blood in your urine or if you have to strain significantly to get anything to come out.

Stones & Obstructions

Kidney stones are a major issue, especially in males. If it hurts to urinate, stones or another obstruction could be the reason why. Kidney stones can be painful to pass, and a urologist can help you through treatment. Additionally, urologists can help you prevent this problem from developing again if you are prone to the issue.


If you notice any sudden or growing changes to your anatomy, a urologist needs to take a look. Note any abnormalities that affect your testicles or your penis, as a professional can identify if they are indicative of serious issues.

Make an Appointment With a Urologist Today

A urologist can help you get the treatment you need. If you have questions about your symptoms, contact a doctor today. Treatment can help you feel like yourself again and prevent problems from growing worse.


22 November 2021

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