4 Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Hospital At Home Over Traditional Hospital Care

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive treatment in the comfort of your home? With hospital at home programs, you can receive hospital-level care without hospital admission. This type of program is of significant help to the elderly, disabled, and critically ill patients. Since most people, especially the aged, have an emotional attachment with their home, hospital care at home has proved to be a more attractive deal compared to traditional hospital care.

Here are four main reasons why hospital at home works better than inpatient care for many individuals.

1. It Significantly Reduces Patient's Stress

As you know, hospitals are associated with experiences of suffering and illnesses. If you are admitted to the hospital, it is normal to fear the unknown. Some causes of stress in hospital patients include:

  •  Thoughts about how they will cope with hospitalization
  •  Loss of freedom
  •  Unfamiliar surroundings

However, hospital care at home does not require the patients to change their environment. In other words, you receive medical care in a natural setting, which is vital for recovery.

2. It Saves You Transportation Costs

Studies show that getting hospital care at home cuts the cost of care by 30%. Apart from saving you hospital admission costs, think about the amount of money you spend traveling to the hospital, especially if you have multiple doctor appointments in a week.

If the patient's condition is critical, they may require special transportation, such as an ambulance, which adds on costs. However, you don't incur any transportation costs when you choose hospital care at home. Remember that care can also be provided virtually through telehealth.

3. The Model Allows You to Receive Intimate Care

As you know, you often can't have your relatives with you when you are admitted to the hospital. Most healthcare facilities have strict family and visitor guidelines. For the better part of your hospital stay, you are surrounded by fellow patients and care providers.

However, hospital at home is different. You can always have your close kin nearby for moral support. Hospital care at home gives patients much-needed companionship that promotes better physical and mental health. 

4. Patients Are Guaranteed Safe and Quality Care

Although health care is provided at home, quality is never compromised. You are assured of hospital-level treatment from a skilled nurse who works in consultation with a larger healthcare team. 

The home setting is also safe since the risk of contracting hospital-acquired infections is substantially reduced. So, if you or your relative is vulnerable to complications of inpatient care, the hospital at home option is the way to go.


With the hospital at home model, it is possible for patients who need acute-level care to receive quality care in their homes. If you choose this option, you can look forward to improved health outcomes, reduced costs, and enhanced patient experience.


21 May 2021

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