How a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Can Help Victims of Strangulation

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Some relationships can get really abusive after a while. It may get to the point of strangulation. If this is your relationship and strangulation did occur, working with a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) is very important for these reasons.

Provide Comprehensive Care

Strangulation can be a brutal act and it can have lingering effects on the body. For example, the respiratory system may not work properly anymore and that's not ideal for living a healthy, happy life. If you were strangled by your partner, a sexual assault nurse examiner can provide comprehensive care.

They'll take an initial assessment to see how severe the strangulation was. They can then provide treatment, which might include ice packs, pain medication, breathing tubes, and swallowing techniques. You'll get all of the necessary treatments to ensure you make a full recovery, or at least very close to it.

Act as an Expert Witness in Court

A lot of victims choose to end their abusive relationships after strangulation. If you're doing the same and actually plan on taking the guilty party to court for what they did to you emotionally and physically, then working with a sexual assault nurse examiner is a good idea.

In addition to treating your injuries and documenting the aftermath of the strangulation, they can testify on your behalf and act as an expert witness. They were there treating your injuries and thus are the best party to bring to court to show exactly what the strangulation did to your life.

Offer Emotional Support

Experiencing a strangulation as a victim is such a chaotic and life-changing event. It's common to have a hard time dealing with your emotions and going back to a regular life. Fortunately, you can get help by going to get treatment from a sexual assault nurse examiner. Not only will they heal you physically, but they can help emotionally by providing support during this difficult time. They know what you're going through and how your feelings are affecting your life at this current moment. They can let you know that everything will be okay, as well as tell you positive success stories of people in your position that made full recoveries. That can give you a better outlook about everything moving forward. 

Strangulation in abusive relationships is such a severe and unfortunate event for victims to experience. If you're affected by this inhumane act, work with a strangulation SANE right away. They will treat you, document everything, and help you move forward to their best abilities.


5 October 2020

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