Testosterone Supplement Options For Men Who Don't Like Injections

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Testosterone injections are often touted as the best testosterone replacement option. The hormone is delivered straight into your body, and it's easy to gauge the dose. However, some men have difficulty adjusting to needles. If the idea of injections makes you feel uneasy, then don't dismay — there are other options for testosterone supplementation. Here's a look at a few of them.

1. Transdermal Patches

One option is to place a patch on your skin which will release testosterone over time. That testosterone will slowly be absorbed through your skin. These transdermal patches are meant to be applied each night and left in place for 24 hours. They can be worn on your stomach, thigh, or upper arm. A benefit of the patch is that it releases testosterone over time, so your levels remain pretty stable throughout the day. However, some men do feel self-conscious about having a patch on, and if you're very active, the patch may peel off when you sweat a lot. The patch also does not stick well to hairy skin, so you might have to shave the areas where you place it.

2. Testosterone Gel

Another option is to apply a testosterone gel to your skin each day. It is typically applied to the same areas you might place a patch: your abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. Applying a gel takes a little longer than putting on a patch, but it is often a better option for men with a lot of body hair, and also for athletes who sweat a lot. You can apply the gel at night, so by the time morning comes and you're ready to work out, it is well-absorbed. The downfall of testosterone gel is that it can rub off on other people, so you'll need to avoid letting others touch the areas to which it has been applied — and you'll also need to wash your hands well after application.

3. Mouth Patches

Another option is a mouth patch, which is basically a tablet that you let dissolve in your upper mouth, against your jaw, twice per day. The testosterone in the tablet is absorbed through the thin skin of your upper palate and into your bloodstream. This is a discrete, convenient supplementation option, and there is little to no risk of transfer to others. However, the taste can be a turnoff for some.

There are many different options for testosterone replacement therapy. To learn more, contact services like NuMale Medical Center


7 May 2020

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