3 Reasons To Consider Treatment For Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins may be a nuisance or painful problem, especially if you work in an environment where you are on your feet throughout the day. There are several reasons people opt to have their varicose veins treated.

Cosmetic Reasons

Everyone will have their own opinions regarding the degree of varicose veins that makes them self-conscious. Some people may choose to have their varicose veins treated even if they are barely noticeable, especially if they frequently wear bathing suits or other clothes that show most of their legs. As varicose veins become quite large or appear on other parts of the legs, such as the calves, they can be harder to conceal without wearing pants or long skirts/dresses all the time. If you feel like your varicose veins are becoming a hindrance in your clothing choices or self-confidence, you may want to consider treatment options. When you have treatment in the earlier stages, they can be diminished or eliminated with simple in-office procedures.


When your varicose veins become painful, medical treatment may be a necessity. Typically, people who are prone to varicose veins may wear compression garments to minimize the amount of new varicose veins they develop and prevent exacerbating their current ones. Although this may help, it may not do much for the problem, and wearing compression garments is not always an option. Generally, varicose veins become more painful as they grow larger and start to bulge. Simpler methods of eliminating varicose veins may not be an option and an endovascular laser will provide better results. With this method, a small laser is inserted into the targeted vein that heats up and causes the vein to become blocked with scar tissue. The results are not immediate, but you will notice improvements over days or weeks as the scar tissue forms.


Fortunately, varicose veins that bleed are rare, but it does happen. When bleeding does occur, it may be spontaneous or as a result of a minor trauma to the leg, such as hitting your leg against a table. Depending on the exact vein involved, the bleeding can be substantial and even life-threatening. Bleeding from a varicose vein is an urgent situation that will need to be handled in an ER to quickly control the bleeding. Once the bleeding is controlled, you will need to consider how to further address the problem. Normally, when a varicose vein is a dangerous problem, in-office procedures are no longer an option. Surgery will be necessary to potentially remove the problematic vein, assuming the vein is not essential to providing blood supply to different parts of the leg.

Many instances of varicose veins are no more than a cosmetic concern. Once varicose veins become painful or bleed, it is essential to have the issue treated. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at The Vein Centre.


24 July 2019

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