4 Basic Recovery Tips After Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Rhinoplasty surgery is a serious surgical procedure that requires time in order for your body to fully feel. It usually takes a few weeks for your body to heal before you are ready to go out and about; however, it can take months for all of the swelling to go away. These are steps you can take to speed up the initial recovery process.

#1 Keep Your Head Elevated

First, you need to keep your head elevated. You need to keep your head above your heart at all times. That means when you go to sleep, you are going to want to elevate your head so that it is up above your heart. That means sleeping at a little bit of an incline; however, this incline doesn't have to be very dramatic, so you should still be able to sleep comfortably.

#2 Ice Your Face

Second, make sure that you continue to apply ice to your face. It may start to feel old applying ice to your face for two weeks, but it is helpful. You can use an icepack, or you can put some ice cubes inside of a plastic bag. Either way, you should wrap the ice up with a towel. You don't want to put the ice directly to your face.

#3 Take Pictures

Third, take pictures of your face every day. Take a straight on picture and two pictures from your left and right side. Taking pictures will allow you to compare the healing process from day to day. It will also allow you to identify if there is not any healing taking place and if you need to see your doctor.

Taking pictures will also make it easier to see the day-to-day progress. Your face will heal a little bit each day, and taking pictures can make it easier to spot the progress your face is making, versus just relying on your own memory.

#4 Take It Slow

In the weeks immediately after your surgery, you are going to want to take things slow. In the days right after the surgery, try to get some help with everyday tasks and take some time off work. Stay in bed, watch some movies, and catch up on your favorite podcasts.

In the following two weeks, limit your physical activity. If you exercise normally, dial it back and just take a walk instead of going for a jog. Avoid any contact sports, as you don't want anyone or anything to hit your face.

After rhinoplasty surgery, keep your head elevated, even when you sleep. Ice your face daily and take daily pictures to track your healing process. Remember to take it slow and avoid all contact activities.


8 January 2019

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