Insist On These Three Features When You Buy Shooting Ear Plugs

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If you're a new firearm owner and are excited to begin visiting the local shooting range to improve your proficiency, you need to ensure that your safety is a top priority. Safety at the shooting range isn't just about following the rules of safely handling your firearm. You also need to think about protecting your ears. Frequent exposure to discharging firearms poses a significant threat to your long-term hearing, and you don't want your new hobby to cause problems in this area. Shooting ear plugs are a must, but you should be careful to buy a top-notch product. When browsing the different models available, insist on one that provides these features.

Multiple Ear Tips

Each firearm enthusiast has his or her unique size and shape of ears, which means that you shouldn't take a one-size-fits-all approach to your hearing protection. What might fit snugly in another shooter's ears could be too small or too large for you — and if the plugs aren't forming a proper seal, you're putting yourself at risk of hearing damage. When you buy shooting ear plugs, look for products that offer multiple ear tips. Such products come with a variety of tips of different sizes that you can switch until you find what works best for you.

Noise-Canceling Technology

When it comes to protecting your ears at the shooting range, you ideally need more than something that will just plug your ears. Top-tier shooting ear plugs often have noise-canceling technology built into them. This technology is highly advanced — the headphones assess the ambient sound in the environment with small microphones, and then create sound waves that cancel out that sound. The result is that the sound of your firearm, and the others that are discharging up and down the range, will be further muted to protect your ears.


A lanyard attached to your shooting ear plugs might seem like a minor accessory and, to some degree, it is. However, this is a critical piece of gear that you want to ensure that your ear plugs have. Without a lanyard, it can be a hassle to find your ear plugs in a pocket or a gun case. Additionally, they're easy to drop, and may get dirty in the dirt or sand beneath your feet. A lanyard that connects one ear plug to the other allows you to remove the ear plugs when you're not shooting and let them dangle around your neck.


30 May 2018

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