Benefits From Osteoporotic Fracture Treatments

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As you grow older, your bone density diminishes and falls below an acceptable measurement for healthy bones. So it's disheartening to learn that here in America, a large number of women who are older than 65 years of age suffer from osteoporosis. That condition puts this population at risk for a vertebral compression fracture, which is the most common complication of osteoporosis. More stunning is the news that 700,000 new vertebral compression fractures occur each year in America. You can benefit from osteoporotic fracture treatments.

Disabling Condition Ruins Quality Of Life

Most patients suffering from osteoporosis are experiencing excruciating pain that decreases their quality of life. Treatment initially relies on pain medication, and that becomes problematic, too, if you become addicted to prescription pain pills containing narcotics. Some patients get a tremendous amount of relief from physical therapy, while others get by with bracing treatments.

Determining Pain Levels Before Treatment

Your pain level and level of vertebral body collapse determine the type of treatment you'll receive. Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty is indicated for initial intervention care. Some patients find that their pain levels resolve spontaneously without using medication, while others do just fine with disciplined physical therapy. Your physician may refer you to a physical therapist for evaluation.

Physical Therapy

The most promising of treatments in physical therapy is a well-structured exercise program that places emphasis on axial muscle strengthening. Back strengthening improves any sort of kyphotic deformity that now exists. The therapist will generally perform back extension exercises rather than abdominal flexion exercises. Your rehabilitation also includes weight-bearing exercises. Physical therapists consider this form of therapy to be the main activity, which prevents the extension of osteoporosis. Pilate exercises are encouraged. Any imbalance you may feel when you are upright and walking might be treated with tai chi, a revered old Chinese treatment, which ultimately keeps you from falling down.

Mobility Is Important

You'll come to understand why your therapist encourages mobilization exercises early in your treatment. Too much bed rest and immobilization equals too much disuse. Disuse can result in the development of osteopenia or even the real risk for a thromboembolic incident to occur.

Bear In Mind A Few Tips

Bear in mind the following tips when you're only being treated with medications. Analgesic medications are okay, but you should inform your physician about any negative feeling you may have when you use any of those products. Always remember that you should not remain on pain killer medications for more than a month or two. This ensures that you will not become addicted to the medications, which would be a nightmare in itself. Check with your physician whether you should increase your calcium and vitamin D intake for bone density strengthening.

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19 January 2018

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