Two Reasons You Should Avoid Romantic Relationships While Recovering From Addiction

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Romantic partners can be a considerable source of support and comfort to those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addictions. Although loneliness is a common trigger for relapse, if you don't already have a significant other, it's advisable you avoid starting a romantic relationship while you are in recovery. Here are two reasons why:

Relationships are Stressful

You can have the most loving and supportive partner in the world and still experience a lot of stress because of the relationship. Although you may love each other, there are bound to be misunderstandings, arguments, and fears that develop in or about the relationship, which can make you feel terrible and possibly trigger a relapse when you look for a way to escape those negative feelings.

In fact, according to a study published in the European Neuropschopharmacology, people who have used drugs or alcohol to deal with stress have essentially trained their brains to crave those substances whenever they experience stress. Thus, when you have an argument with your loved one, you may feel an overwhelming need to drink or do drugs. If you haven't yet learned how to deal with stress or developed healthier coping mechanisms, you may give into the urge to relapse, which can be devastating for your recovery.

There Is a Risk of Addiction Exchange

Another problem that can develop when you enter into a relationship too soon in your recovery is that you may simply exchange one addiction for another. It's common for people to still feel the urge to indulge in their substance of choice for years after stopping consuming it, and that urge is typically strongest in the first few months of detoxification. Since orgasms hit the reward center of the brain the same way that drugs do, you may end up using sex to experience that same "high" rather than giving into the temptation to consume drugs or alcohol.

This can lead to a substance abuse problem converting into a sex addiction, particularly if you have an addictive personality, which can also halt your recovery progress. It may even eventually lead to a relapse as you struggle to cope with the negative effects of the new addiction.

It isn't necessary for you to give up being in a relationship for the rest of your life. It is advisable that you wait, however, until you have developed the skills needed to deal with the challenges of having a romantic partner in a healthy way. To learn these skills or for more information about recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, contact a specialist for individual addiction counseling.


30 November 2017

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