Getting Older And Worried About Your Hearing? 3 Surprising Things That Can Cause Hearing Loss

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One out of three people that are 65 years or older have hearing loss. If you are over 65 or getting close to it, you may be surprised at some things that can cause this problem to happen. Below are three things you should be aware of so you can help prevent hearing loss from happening to you.

Drying Your Hair

You may dry your hair every day or a few times per week, but you should know that it can actually cause problems with your hearing. This does depend on the hair dryer you use. Some hair dryers are over 90 decibels, and decibels that are above 85 can be harmful to the ears. When you dry your hair, the hair dryer is close to your head and ears. The longer you dry your hair, the more damage it does, and this damage can get worse over time.

To take care of this problem, there are hair dryers on the market today that are made to be much quieter to protect people from hearing loss. You can find these hair dryers at stores that sell beauty products or some hair salons.

Popping Your Ears

Your ears can easily pop when you are driving into a mountainous area, flying on an airplane, or even moving up a quick elevator. This popping sensation can be very uncomfortable. To feel better, people hold their noise and breathe out through the mouth, or they may try to sneeze. If you do any of these things forcefully, it could damage or even tear your eardrum. Instead, wait as your ears will eventually go back to normal again.

Problems with Blood Sugar

According to the American Diabetes Association, a study shows that hearing loss is twice as common with people that have diabetes when compared to people that do not have this disease.

If you have diabetes, it destroys the blood vessels throughout your body, including your ears. This results in problems like Alzheimer's disease, stroke and heart disease, as well as hearing loss. To help with this problem, always keep your diabetes controlled by following the doctor's instructions and taking your medicine properly.

If you have any type of hearing loss, you should see an audiologist soon. You may prevent some of this hearing loss if you get treatment early. The doctor can treat you in many ways. If you cannot restore your hearing, they may give you some hearing aids to wear. Depending on the reason you have hearing loss, you may require surgery.

For more information, contact Albuquerque  Hearing Associates or a similar organization.


23 September 2016

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