5 Mistakes To Avoid With Contact Lenses

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There are several benefits to choosing contact lenses instead of glasses. They not only make you feel more confident about your appearance, but they also offer convenience and can be worn while playing sports. However, if you do not wear your contacts properly, it can lead to infections and other issues. Handle your contacts with care and follow your eye doctor's instructions to avoid any problems. Here are five common mistakes to avoid with contact lenses.

Swimming With Your Contacts

Whether you want to swim in a lake or pool, it is important to remove your contacts first. Microorganisms live in these water sources and are attracted to contact lenses. If they get into your eyes, it can lead to an infection and other serious complications.

Wearing Your Contact Lenses Too Long

If you are trying to save money, you might be tempted to wear your contact lenses past their expiration date. This is a big mistake. After a certain amount of time, bacteria and residue can build up on your contacts, increasing the risk of an infection. Once your contact lenses have reached their expiration, it is time to throw them out and get new ones.

Sleeping With Your Contact Lenses

When you are super tired, it may seem like a good idea to just go to bed without removing your contact lenses. However, sleeping with your contacts can prevent enough oxygen from getting to your eyes, leading to irritation and infection. No matter how exhausted you are, remember to take your contacts out before your head hits the pillow.

Forgetting to Clean Your Contact Lenses

In order to prevent bacteria buildup, contact lenses have to be cleaned every day. Do not forget to clean your contacts with a cleaning solution once a day to avoid infections and other issues.

Not Washing Your Hands Before Touching Contact Lenses

Before you handle your contact lenses, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. If you try to touch your contacts with dirty hands, you can transfer bacteria to them, which can put you at risk of infections. 

Contact lenses are safe to wear if you handle them properly. Make sure to avoid all of these mistakes to keep your eyes healthy. If you ever experience pain or irritation while wearing your contact lenses, you should remove them immediately and make an appointment to see your eye doctor soon. For more tips on how to care for your contacts, talk to The Eye Center.


29 August 2016

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