Signs Your Teen Daughter Might Have Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a common condition that affects women of all ages, and it can be extremely painful for many women. If your teen daughter has excruciating pain during or around her menstrual cycles, she might have this condition. Here are three things to know about endometriosis so you can determine if this is what your daughter might have.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition that occurs when extra tissue develops on the outside of the uterus. Women and teens naturally have tissue on the inside of their uterus, and menstrual bleeding occurs when this tissue sheds. The tissue on the outside of the uterus cannot shed the proper way though, and this can lead to internal bleeding and a lot of pain.

What are the symptoms?

One of the most common symptoms of endometriosis is pain. This type of pain is not just the typical types of bloating and cramping women experience when they bleed; it is much worse than this. The pain can be so intense that your daughter might have trouble getting up out of bed. She might cry because it is so bad. Your daughter might not be able to go to school or do other normal daily activities.

Pain is the most common symptom, but there are other symptoms too, such as frequent yeast infections, pain during urination and bowel movements, and diarrhea and nausea. If your daughter's symptoms are similar to these, it might be wise to take her to a gynecologist to have some tests completed.

How is this diagnosed and treated?

A gynecologist may diagnose this condition by asking your daughter questions and by completing a laparoscopy. This procedure requires taking a biopsy of tissue from the area near the uterus. It is then tested and evaluated to determine if the condition is endometriosis. If it is, the gynecologist will suggest treating the condition with one of the following methods:

If your daughter has this condition, it's important to find out soon so she can receive the right treatment for it. Left untreated, endometriosis can cause infertility issues as well as other types of problems. 

If you would like to find out what is causing the pain your daughter is experiencing, contact a gynecologist today. This will be a great way to help solve the problem and prevent further issues from occurring. Contact a business, such as Women First OBGYN, for more information.   


20 June 2016

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