Self-Care Tips To Remember As You Wait For Stem Cell Shoulder Treatment

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When you're seeking treatment options for a severe shoulder injury, stem cell therapy is a viable choice. In this type of treatment, a medical professional will extract stem cells from specific areas of your body and inject them into your shoulder; the introduction of these cells can speed up the healing process and actually help you avoid shoulder surgery. You'll need to make some appointments with your healthcare provider to determine if your specific shoulder injury makes you an ideal candidate for this form of therapy. Provided you get on the waiting list, it's important to take care of your shoulder in the meantime to avoid worsening the problem. Here are some ways to achieve this goal.

Be Careful When Sleeping

The manner in which you sleep can easily exacerbate a shoulder problem; lying in an uncomfortable position for several hours can lead to extreme pain by the time you wake up. Be mindful of how you sleep; lying on your back, in many cases, won't worsen your shoulder pain because your injured shoulder is being kept in a neutral position. If you prefer to sleep on your side, try to lie on your good shoulder rather than your sore one. You can often use pillows or body cushions to support your body to alleviate pressure on your shoulder, too.

Ask For Help

Even if you're used to being independent, now is the time to accept help from those around you. Seek the help of family members when it comes to lifting things. Swinging the lid open on a top-loading washing machine, lifting a family pet into the bathtub, and raising a bag of groceries up onto the counter can all be movements that worsen the pain. When possible, ask the people around you to perform these tasks. Buying a grabber tool can often be useful, as it can help you pull items off upper shelves when no one is around to assist you.

Be Careful With How You Sit

If you spend hours at a time in front of the computer, it's vitally important to be cognizant of your posture. Slouching, shifting to one side or even resting on the elbow on the sore side of your body can all worsen your pain as you wait for stem cell treatment. Try to avoid long periods of sitting and, when you are sitting for a stretch of time, strive to keep your body in a neutral position. This means having your back straight and your shoulders held in a relaxed manner.

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25 May 2016

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