What To Expect When Visiting An Allergy Specialist

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There are many people that understand how frustrating and irritating allergies can be. In fact, it is estimated that approximately fifty million people suffer from just nasal allergies in the United States. If you are reading this article, it is most likely because you are suffering from some sort of allergies. Well, there are many different allergies and many people do not know what their allergy actually is. In order to truly understand what is causing your allergies to flair up, you might need to visit with an allergy specialist. This article is going to outline what to expect when visiting an allergy specialist.

The Set Up

In order for your allergy specialist to fully understand what you are dealing with, your doctor will meet with you. He will ask the normal questions and try to figure out what your symptoms might be. It is possible for him to diagnose you right from the beginning. Keep in mind that allergy specialists are constantly meeting with individuals. If the doctor is not able to identify your possible allergy, he will probably set up an appointment to give you a true allergy test. This will allow the doctor to really understand what is causing your symptoms. 

The Test 

Oh the glorious allergy test. The allergy test that your doctor is going to administer is not the most pleasant treatment in the world. But do not be scared; it is just a lot of needles. Your doctor is going to administer a tremendous amount of shots to your back and shoulders. Each shot represents and allergen that could possibly be causing your pain. After the shots are administered, each of the shots will be examined to see if it is an allergy that you suffer from. This actually gives the doctor the ability to know exactly what you are suffering from. 

The Follow Up

Now that your doctor understands exactly what you are allergic to, he will be able to start treating you. The treatments can vary, but a very common type of treatment is weekly shots along with a prescription to be taken orally. The weekly shot is not as intimidating as the allergy test. The weekly shot is a simple shot that is helping your body build up an immunity to the various allergies that you have. These shots and prescription drugs can be taken for up to a year, but your body should be able to build up the tolerance. 

For more information and details, contact an allergy specialist clinic, such as The Regional Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center, PC, directly. 


10 May 2016

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