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While the abdominal area is considered the core strength of the body, the lower spine is definitely part of that important support system. When you are experiencing pain in your lower back, it can feel like you have no central body strength at all. Lower back pain and strain can be caused by a lot of things, including simple overexertion and muscle strain. You could go to a doctor and obtain an array of different prescription drugs to alleviate the pain, but there are just as many natural ways that you may be able to find some relief.

1. Use Cold Compresses - The first thing people reach for when their lower back is hurting is often heat, and this can be soothing. However, heat can sometime exacerbate the pain and if inflammation is present, heat may even worsen the problem altogether.  When you first start to feel the pain, grab an ice pack instead, which will help to sooth inflamed muscle tissue. Try an icy cold towel or gel pack straight from the freezer.

2. Take Devils' Claw - Devils' Claw is an herb, native to South Africa, that is often used for pain management, especially pain of the lower back and pain associated with arthritis. The herb is available in capsule form, but is also blended into some creams and lotions for topical application. When used appropriately, devil's claw boasts few side effects. As always, make sure you talk to your doctor about any herbal remedies you plan to try for your own safety.

3. Strengthen Your Core - It may sound like adding insult to injury, but if you are experiencing low back pain, it is possible that the pain is associated with weak core strength. When abdominal muscles are not strong enough, you will naturally use your lower back to make up for the difference, which can easily lead to a lot of pain or even an injury. In some cases, back pain can be alleviated by working to strengthen your core muscles.

4. Heat Treatment with Capsaicin - If you want to use heat to alleviate lower back pain, naturally present capsaicin, which is found in hot peppers, can provide you with a healthy solution. Make a paste using pureed jalapenos or ghost peppers and your favorite lotion. Rub this on the affected area and you will start to feel some relief almost immediately.

Whether you are trying to avoid prescription drugs or just looking for an inexpensive solution to low back pain, there are many natural remedies that may help. Keep in mind that talking to a doctor at a clinic like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates to obtain an appropriate diagnosis for the cause of your back pain will always give you a better idea of what treatments will work the best for you.  


3 June 2015

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