3 Tips For Adjusting To Life With A Hearing Aid

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For many people, recovering their ability to hear well can be an even more difficult adjustment than losing their hearing in the first place. This is because hearing loss typically occurs over the course of many years, while hearing restoration can take place rapidly when being fitted with a hearing aid. Suddenly hearing all of the background noises that you haven't heard in years can be overwhelming. However, before you give up on using your hearing aid, take a few minutes to consider the following tips that can help you to adjust to life with a new hearing aid. With these tips, you will once again be enjoying the sounds around you in no time at all.

Practice Makes Perfect

While many people recommend taking it slow when adjusting to life with a hearing aid, the truth is, limiting the use of your hearing aid will only prolong the adjustment process. In order for your body to get used to processing the audio signals it is now receiving, you will need to encounter these signals on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to wear your hearing aid as often as possible.

If you find that you simply cannot handle a particular venue while wearing your hearing aid, try turning down the volume before you resort to turning it off all together. You may also wish to change your location within the venue if at all possible. This is especially helpful if the venue makes use of any audio equipment, such as microphones or stereo speakers.

The Television Can Be Your Friend

Perhaps the most difficult thing for many new hearing aid wearers is learning to filter out background noises and concentrate on more essential sounds, such as the sound of another person's voice. If you are experiencing this issue, keeping the television on when home alone can help you to overcome this problem. This is because the television provides you with many of the same background noises as real life. Work on blocking out these noises while you concentrate on the voices of the characters. This will help prepare you for many social interactions.

Have Realistic Expectations

While your body is receiving an overwhelming amount of information thanks to your restored hearing ability, you may find that it is still difficult to hear some things. For instance, you may struggle to hear what a family member is saying from across the room. In this situation, avoid turning your hearing aid up and simply ask your family member to come closer so that you can hear them. Remember, if you couldn't hear certain noises before your hearing loss, you will not be able to hear these noises with hearing aids.


20 May 2015

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