Tips For Dealing With Dental Emergencies

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Suddenly feeling a loose tooth in your mouth can give you a pretty sick feeling. If you suddenly find yourself dealing something like that or another dental emergency, you'll obviously want to locate a same day dentistry, such as Ashton Randall P DDS, as fast as possible. But until you actually get into the office for professional help, you'll need to take some steps to stay calm and get the issue under control. Here are a few tips for dealing with dental emergencies.

If You Have a Knocked Out Tooth

If a tooth is knocked clean out of place, your first order of business is to keep it wet. You can try gently putting it back in place as long as you don't touch the root. You can can also put it in your mouth by your cheek to keep it naturally moist with saliva, but be careful not to swallow it! If you are at home when it happens, run to the fridge and grab the milk. Milk has properties like calcium that can help preserve the tooth until you can get to a dentist.

If You Have a Bleeding Tongue or Gums

If you are involved in a collision that causes major damage in your mouth and you can taste blood, you will want to try and keep the swelling down. Get a cold compress or make one yourself with paper towels and ice cubes. Place directly at the source of the problem and hold down firmly. Be careful if you need to spit out blood that none of your teeth end up falling out of your mouth and down the drain.

For a Cracked Tooth or Killer Toothache

If your tooth hasn't been knocked out completely but has sustained damage, you will again want to apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling. But another trick that can help stop the pain is to treat the area with something you might already have in your kitchen pantry. Clove oil and tea both contain chemicals that act as natural pain relievers. Dab a cotton ball with some of clove oil and apply directly to the affected area. You could also try warming up a tea bag and then placing the bag in your mouth near the affected tooth, and then bite down very gently.

Suddenly feeling something wrong inside your mouth can make your stomach turn. The key is to not panic and act quickly to try and limit the damage. Place a knocked out tooth in milk to preserve it or keep it in between your cheek and gums. Apply a cold compress to your mouth to reduce swelling, and try applying some natural painkillers like clove oil to the spot of the affected tooth. Then, get to the dentist's office as soon as you can. 


16 February 2015

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