4 Natural Ways To Keep Your Asthma Under Control

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Asthma is a very dangerous condition; during attacks, the lungs can close up almost completely so that a person cannot easily breathe. While it's rare, it is possible for a person to die from an asthma attack. Even if not fatal, such attacks can be harmful as the body needs a steady supply of fresh oxygen or cells begin to die off.

If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, you need to ensure they are following their doctor's orders to the letter, but consider some additional and natural ways to keep this condition under control.

1. Keep the home warm and moist

Cold and dry air can cause the lungs to close up even for healthy people, whereas warmth and humidity keep the body's tissues soft and pliable. This includes the tissues that make up the lungs. For anyone with asthma, be sure the home is warm and moist at all times and especially during winter months. Use a warm mist humidifier in the bedroom and install a humidifier next to the furnace so it automatically dispenses moisture.

2. Know your trigger foods

Some foods can affect the lungs and cause them to close up; these might be common allergens like shellfish and peanuts. Make note of your own diet and compare what you eat to when you have asthma attacks so you can see if there is a connection, and then avoid the foods that may bother your breathing.

3. Keep your weight under control

Excessive body weight puts pressure on the lungs and causes them to work overtime even for someone who doesn't have asthma. The lungs work harder the more overweight you are and if they're already affected by asthma then you only make it worse by being overweight and obese. Ask your doctor for help with your diet if necessary in order to shed extra pounds and keep them off.

4. Exercise as allowed by your doctor

The more you exercise, the stronger your lungs will become and you may see you have far fewer asthma attacks. Exercise itself may not cure your asthma and you need to follow a program that your doctor recommends so you don't overexert yourself and bring on an attack, but regular vigorous exercise can help to reduce the number of attacks by increasing your overall lung capacity.

Remember that you always want to speak to your doctor at places like Allergy & Asthma Clinic about any medications or changes to your routine when it comes to your asthma attacks, and be sure you get his or her recommendations for treatment options.


21 January 2015

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