Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs Additional Help In The Home

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When you have a family member who is older, you may find yourself worried about their welfare when they live at home. This concern is especially important if your loved one lives alone. You can do something about their care by watching for signs that your aging loved one needs additional help in the home. In knowing certain signs that they need more care, you can help determine when home health care is right for your parent, grandparent, or other important person in your life.

Basic chores left undone

If your loved one has normally kept a clean and organized home and you've noticed their house increasingly ignored when it comes to regular chores, this may be a sign that they are overwhelmed with normal duties. You may notice home neglect, such as:

  • dirty dishes and food left out
  • clothing strewn about living areas
  • mail uncollected from the mailbox
  • yard work ignored
  • lack of food in cupboards and refrigerator
  • garbage overflowing in the kitchen and bathroom

Home health care can take over these duties for your aging loved ones a few days a week, or put in just a few hours' time to help them reduce the stress of trying to care for their home on their own.

Lack of hygiene 

As people get older, they may become too distracted or find it too difficult to take care of themselves regularly like they used to. You may notice your loved one wearing the same clothes every time you visit, or see that they have not appeared to wash their face, comb their hair, or even bathe like they used to. If you recognize hygiene issues in the home of someone you love, this can be very alarming. Home health care services can intervene and help your loved one bathe safely and change into and out of clothing daily. They can also help with other hygiene issues, such as teeth brushing or putting on deodorant.

Declining health

The most concerning issue with aging loved ones living alone is the constant worry about their health. If you notice any of the following, get them medical care and professional home health care immediately:

  • rapid weight loss or gain
  • bruising or scratches (which may indicate a fall)
  • lethargy
  • lack of interest in normal activities
  • inability to walk without assistance
  • lack of taking daily medications

Again, services like Champion Home Health Care can help with daily medical and health needs. Caregivers can check on your loved one to make sure they are taking their medication, eating proper meals, and are able to move around their house normally. They can report any progress or continuing decline to you so you can continue to assign the care your aging loved one needs.

As people get older, they often need more care while living at home. You can do your part to help the people you love by watching for the signs that they need additional care and arranging for home health care before it's too late.


13 January 2015

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